10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

Zach Braff's absurd medical comedy "Scrubs" was canceled by NBC, but revived by ABC. Adam Taylor/Getty Images

You probably wouldn't think a sitcom that often focused on the bizarre imaginations of hospital staff would also be realistic. However (ignoring the ballroom-dancing patients), many doctors consider NBC's "Scrubs" to accurately portray the medical profession [source: Weiss]. Once you get past the absurdities, the show deals with true-to-life character interactions, including those between interns and attending physicians, surgeons and administrators. Many of the medical situations, such as a light bulb stuck in a body cavity, were taken from actual cases, and storylines often came from real doctors.

The series was also popular with viewers and lasted on NBC for eight seasons. But even after cancelation, the show didn't die. ABC revived "Scrubs" for two more seasons but pulled the plug in 2010. Rest in peace, "Scrubs" ... or live on in syndicated reruns.