10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

'Arrested Development'
Will Arnett and Jason Bateman starred in "Arrested Development"; the gap between the third and fourth seasons of the show spanned seven years. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You think your family is difficult? The Bluths have, for instance, a felon for a father, an alcoholic mother, a daughter who just can't get her act together and one son who's a terrible illusionist (don't call him a magician). Oh, yes: The family businesses include a frozen banana stand.

The quirky, self-referential, dark and sometimes absurd Fox show started out relatively strong with 8 million viewers in 2003. However, by the third season, the audience had dropped by half, and "Arrested Development" got a pink slip in 2007. A small but loyal fan base remained steadfast. After several years, Netflix picked up the series. In 2013, the media company released 15 episodes at once, all available for instant streaming. (Can you say, "binge-watch?") Happy with the result, Netflix announced in August 2014 that season five would be produced. Bring on the frozen bananas...