10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

"Unforgettable" wasn't forgotten, returning for a final summertime slot. CBS Photo Archives/Getty Images

This CBS show about New York City detective Carrie Wells was canceled in 2012 after its first season. The detective had a perfect memory for conversations, locations and situations that she used to solve crimes and close tough cases. Perhaps CBS forgot why it ended production, because the show was brought back for a shorter 13-episode second season. The new shows ran during the summer, and "Unforgettable" became that season's top scripted drama on Sundays.

Remembering that high ratings are a good thing, CBS renewed the series for another summertime stint. However, the show didn't find as much viewer love in the third season, and the audience dropped by more than 2 million viewers [source: Goldberg]. Summer is already slow for networks, so CBS canceled "Unforgettable" a second time. That time, there was no coming back.