10 Canceled TV Shows That Came Back

A number of shows, including "Arrested Development," have performed the magic trick of coming back from the cancelation. Netflix

It's a tough world out there for those who work on television shows. They have to live with the ever-present worry of sudden death: cancelation. Though some shows are axed outright, networks also take more roundabout ways to end series. Production may simply stop. No new episodes are ordered. Cast and crew are released from contracts, still waiting for those dreaded words: "We're canceled."

A few very lucky shows get another life in the cinema. For instance, the Fox cult show "Firefly" generated the movie "Serenity." A more common, though still unlikely, way to come back is to be "un-canceled." Sometimes the network reverses its decision and starts production again. Other times, another network with a vision jumps in and scoops up the show. Case in point: The classic show "Taxi" was rescued by NBC in the early 1980s when ABC shut down its engine. No matter what network saves the day, the cast and crew get a second – and very rarely, a third – chance. Often it's just for one more season, but a show can return for many more years than its original run. The world of TV shows turns in mysterious ways; these ten shows somehow managed to cheat death and make their way back to screens.