10 British TV Shows That Crossed the Pond

'Doctor Who'
A security guard walks past a giant Doctor Who poster at the 'Doctor Who 50th Celebration' event in London, England. Oli Scarff/Getty Images

An immortal Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey travels through time and space in the phone booth-like TARDIS machine -- yeah, it's your just typical British import. This BBC series, which began in 1963, has featured numerous actors in the lead role, including comical Tom Baker, youthful Peter Davison, charming Paul McGann and thoughtful David Tennant. The difference in appearance is easily explained. Doctor Who never dies; he just regenerates into a new body. Simple!

After a several-year break, the BBC rebooted the series, and it showed up on BBC America in 2010. The premiere broke the network's record at the time, with an audience of 1.2 million [source: Hibberd]. The 2014 season opener far exceeded that with 2.2 million viewers, up a whopping 46 percent from the previous year's debut [source: O'Connell -- Doctor Who]. Clearly, Doctor Who was becoming Doctor Very-Well-Known.