10 Bizarre Olympic Events


Pole Dancing

Hold the gasps -- this is not currently officially or unofficially an Olympic event, nor has it ever been in the past. But that doesn't mean people aren't vying for it to become one. Have you ever been in a strip club? If not, believe this: Women who can rock the poles are often quite athletic.

And with that in mind, many are petitioning the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to make pole dancing an official Olympic sport. There are already various national and international organizations holding competitions -- such as the U.S. Pole Dance Championships and the International Pole Dancing Fitness Championships. Pole dancing competitors hail from all over the world, from Japan and Hong Kong all the way to Britain and Finland. The thought process of supporters goes like this: Under a name like "pole fitness" such acrobatics will become just another exhibition of athletic agility. Swirling and maneuvering around a pole will emerge from dive bars and find Olympic glory. More power to them!