10 Bizarre Olympic Events



Remember being in the schoolyard, viciously yanking a rope with no regard to blisters, all in order to ensure your opposing classmates ate dirt? Good times. But now imagine grown men doing it. Scary stuff. Starting at the 1900 Summer Games, however, tug-of-war was a minor yet hotly contested Olympic event.

Teams were sometimes composed of people from different nations and the rules were somewhat haphazard. During the 1900 games, competitors from Sweden and Denmark teamed up in an attempt to squash the French, and the Scandinavians were successful. The fate of the American team in the event's debut is even more bizarre: Some sources say they never competed, while others say they were disqualified.

Tug-of-war actually did better than some of the other sports on our list. Teams were tugging their hearts out until the 1920 Olympics. After that, the sport was discontinued.