10 Must-have Toys for 2012

Disney Bounce Bounce Tigger
It's true! Their bottoms are made out of springs, just like the song says. Just Play/Disney

He's stuffed and he's energetic, which might remind you of another hot toy from the 1990s: Tickle Me Elmo. But wait until you turn Tigger on.

Give his foot a squeeze and Disney Bounce Bounce Tigger bounces (after all, it's what Tiggers do best), waves, dances and "wiggety, wiggety wiggles" in rhythm with his new song "Bounce Bounce," a hip-hop remix of his signature Tigger song [source: Disney]. Tigger also has a giggle mode and knows 16 phrases.

Disney Bounce Bounce Tigger is made for little kids, and is a plush, stuffed toy sitting upon a springy, coiled tail. And a note to all you parents out there: Bounce Bounce Tigger has an adjustable volume control.