10 Must-have Toys for 2012

Lalaloopsy 'Sew Magical -- Sew Cute' Dolls
Lalaloopsy promotional mascot at the Toy Retailers Association's annual 'Dream Toys' fair on Oct. 31, 2012 ┬ęBethany Clarke/Getty Images

Lalaloopsy dolls are made by the same company that brought us Bratz and Little Tikes, and since they were first introduced in 2010, the dolls have been a hit.

They're based on the idea of rag dolls, but what makes Lalaloopsy dolls so popular is their magic: Each takes on the characteristics of the clothing she or he wears (with a little bit of imagination, that is). Tippy Tumblenia, for example, is made from a ballerina's tutu and comes with a pet swan. Ace Fender Bender is made from mechanic's clothes and comes with a pet monkey.

And of course, a doll collection wouldn't be complete without play sets and accessories -- Lalaloopsy doll-lovers may have trouble choosing between a remote-controlled scooter and the Sew Magical House.