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10 Toys to Improve Your Next Water Balloon Fight

Think there aren't ways you can make your next water balloon fight even more epic? Think again. These 10 toys are here to prove you wrong!

Who invented the action figure?

The first doll made specifically for boys -- deemed an "action figure" -- lived up to its name and became a global phenomenon.

What was the first cartoon made for existing toys?

It's expected these days to have cartoons based on kids' toys -- and vice versa -- but that wasn't always the case. Which toy started the trend?

Can you predict which toys will become collectors' items?

If you buy toys solely because you're hoping to make a bunch of money, you might want to come up with a different investment plan. It's hard to predict which ones will become valuable in the future.

How do toys get recalled?

Although we trust toy companies to make toys that are safe, mistakes can be made. Keeping up with recalls can help keep kids safe. But who decides when a toy is recalled?

Have cell phones ruined toy walkie-talkies?

Before kids had cell phones, walkie-talkies were really the only method of long distance communication while playing. Are they a thing of the past?

How did 'Star Wars' change the toy industry?

Although there were toys based on movies before the first "Star Wars" film, none of them exploded in popularity quite like those little action figures.

Do push toys really help kids learn to walk?

There are a lot of toys on the market that claim to help your child learn how to walk, but what do the experts say? Is a push toy better than a walker?

Are knock-off toys dangerous?

It might be tempting to buy a knock-off toy because they're cheaper and often just as pleasing to your kid. However, they may be harmful to your child.

What's a German-style board game?

You like to play board games but often they take too long and an argument breaks out among the kids as to who's cheating. Maybe you should try a German-style board game instead.