The Toys Channel has articles explaining how some of the coolest and most well-loved toys actually work. Learn the secrets of yo-yos, the wonder of LEGO bricks and magic of Baby Einstein.

How See 'n Says Work

Have you ever wondered how a See 'n Say produces sound without a battery? And where does it store its 26 different phrases? Solve the mystery of the See 'n Say!

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  • Have cell phones ruined toy walkie-talkies?

    Have cell phones ruined toy walkie-talkies?

    Before kids had cell phones, walkie-talkies were really the only method of long distance communication while playing. Are they a thing of the past? See more »

  • How Boomerangs Work

    How Boomerangs Work

    It's pretty amazing: When you throw a boomerang, it actually does come back to you -- if you throw it properly. Find out why the boomerang returns and how to throw it like a pro. See more »

  • How can I make a pinewood derby car go faster?

    How can I make a pinewood derby car go faster?

    Ever wanted to make that pinewood derby car run faster? This article breaks it down mathematically, focusing on air resistance, axle friction and tire stickiness and how these factors affect the performance of your car. See more »

  • How Dancing Monsters Work

    How Dancing Monsters Work

    The Dancing Monster is a popular novelty toy that reacts to noise or motion that it senses in the surrounding area. Find out how the Dancing Monster works and what the different Dancing Monster parts do to entertain and surprise. See more »

  • How did 'Star Wars' change the toy industry?

    How did 'Star Wars' change the toy industry?

    Although there were toys based on movies before the first "Star Wars" film, none of them exploded in popularity quite like those little action figures. See more »

  • How do toys get recalled?

    How do toys get recalled?

    Although we trust toy companies to make toys that are safe, mistakes can be made. Keeping up with recalls can help keep kids safe. But who decides when a toy is recalled? See more »

  • How Easy-Bake Ovens Work

    How Easy-Bake Ovens Work

    Making real baked treats in a toy oven is one of the great joys of childhood. Who knew that the heat of a light bulb would create a childhood culinary icon? See more »

  • How Hot Wheels Work

    How Hot Wheels Work

    What would you get if you hit a regular car with a shrink-ray and made it 64 times smaller? A Hot Wheels car, of course! These tiny, scale-model cars are still around, and still popular with kids — and lots of adults, too. See more »

  • How is doll hair rooted?

    How is doll hair rooted?

    You don't need to be a professional to start customizing dolls; rooting their hair is an easy way to change their look. See more »

  • How Juggling Works

    How Juggling Works

    Once confined to vaudeville and music halls, today's jugglers do anything from plate spinning to playing with devil sticks. In fact, you could define juggling as using feats of dexterity to manipulate one or more objects. See more »

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