Introduction to 5 Golf Grip Tips

Focusing on your golf grip can greatly improve the quality of your swing.


In a sport that demands attention to so many details in order to play it successfully, perhaps no aspect of golf is more important than the correct golf grip.

There are so many mental distractions on the golf course, from sand traps to deep patches, that it's easy to forget about an important part of the game -- the connection your hands have with the club. Holding the golf club correctly gives you a feel for the club head, and is the source of everything that follows in a golf swing.

Everyone who plays golf strives for a few basic things in a natural grip. Your swing should be fluid and continuous from the moment you line up the ball to the end of your follow-through, and the club head needs to hit the back of the ball directly to avoid awkward slices. You also want to bring enough power to the ball with a strong swing, but at the same time you need to adjust your grip in order to avoid making the club slip from your hands [source: U.S. Golf Schools and Travel].

But how do you achieve that perfect balance? Read on to learn five golf grip tips that will give you the best chance at a good swing.