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Club & Intramural Sports

If you've got a few competitors in your family, these club and intramural sports articles will be perfect for settling those rivalries. Who gets the trophy?

How to Start a Rowing Club

Rowing has been around for a long time, and it boasts some of the most athletic men and women in sports. Start your own rowing club to become a member of this elite group.

10 Funny Intramural Team Names

There's no room for Wildcats or Bears in the intramural sports world. Half the fun of being on these teams is creating a crazy, humorous and sometimes downright risque team name. Have a good laugh with these team monikers. See more »

10 Tips for Semi-pro Football Tryouts

Semi-pro play is really highly organized amateur football, and making the team takes training and commitment. See more »

5 Tips for Finding the Right Tennis Club

Tennis is a great social sport, but it can also catapult you into superstar status. Either way, you can find a tennis club that's right for you! See more »

5 Tips for Starting a Club Sports Team

If your Wii sports package is the closest you get to team competition these days, why not nurture your inner athlete by starting your own community sports club? See more »

How to Join a Sailing Club

Dream of warm breezes on your face and the sound of wind whipping through the sails? If so, joining a sailing club might just be for you. See more »

How to Organize an Intramural Program

If you loathe the idea of hanging up your jersey but can't find an intramural league to suit your needs, it could be time to start your own circle of competitors! See more »

How to Play Rugby

Similar to American football, rugby is a game of speed, strategy and full-body contact. Learn the rules before you hit the field -- or another player. See more »

How to Play Street Hockey

Think of street hockey as ice hockey without the ice. If you have a hockey stick, a dead tennis ball and some cinder blocks, you're ready to play! See more »

How to Start a Basketball League

Basketball has been called more than a game, and starting a league is indeed serious business. We'll show you what steps you'll need to take. See more »

How to Start a Lacrosse Club

Lacrosse has been around for hundreds of years, but it's quickly becoming the hippest intramural sport around. Better still, it's easy to establish your own team. See more »