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Football Pictures

The football pictures have images of today's greatest NFL football players. Browse through the football pictures.

Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Football

Coaching youth football requires some know-how. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn all about coaching youth football.

How the Physics of Football Works

There's a reason why some passes miss their target, and others land right in the receiver's hands -- it's physics! Take a look at the game from a whole new angle.

NFL Players In Their Own Words

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play professional football? We have, so we called up players Takeo Spikes, Carlos Emmons, Jonas Jennings, Fred Beasley and Willie Anderson to find out.

How can I meet my favorite football team?

How can I meet my favorite football team? Visit HowStuffWorks to learn how you can meet your favorite football team.

Understanding Pop Warner Football Weight Classes

Understanding Pop Warner football weight classes is important if you plan on coaching. Visit TLC Family to learn about Pop Warner football weight classes.

10 Surprising Pop Warner Players

These 10 surprising Pop Warner players will shock you. Visit TLC Family to check out the 10 surprising Pop Warner players.

10 Tips for Semi-pro Football Tryouts

Semi-pro football tryouts can be nerve-wracking experience for the football enthusiast. Learn 10 tips for semi-pro football tryouts at HowStuffWorks.

A Parent's Guide to Coaching American Youth Football

This parent's guide to coaching American Youth Football is very informative. Visit TLC Family to find a parent's guide to coaching American Youth Football.

How to Start a Pop Warner Football Team

Starting a Pop Warner football team requires some know-how. Visit TLC Family to learn about starting a Pop Warner football team.

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