Musicians aren't always the best when it comes down to reusing materials. After all, we can't put our old strings back onto our guitars nor can we still strum with old picks once they are worn down.

The other day, I saw a necklace that was absolutely beautiful. It was a choker that had a few tiers to it and the colors were marvelous. At a second glance, I realized that the entire necklace was comprised of guitar picks. I realized immediately how easy it would be for me to reuse my old guitar picks for jewelry.

From bracelets to necklaces and earrings, using guitar picks for jewelry is easy and it's beautiful. All that you really need to have is the ability to drill a small hole through the pick. This could be with a drill of some sort of simple a small nail and a hammer. Once you've got guitar picks with holes in them, you can go on whatever sort of creative tangent you'd like at this point. With hooks and metal clasps, the possibilities are rather endless.

Once I realized everything that could be done with guitar picks in the realm of jewelry, I started thinking of other ways that they could be used and here are just a few of those ideas:

Coasters Glued together in whatever shape you wish, they make very unique coasters.

Belts Glued down onto an otherwise bland belt, picks will jazz it up.

Pick Guard People buy pick guards for their guitars, but why not make one out of all of your picks?

Decorations Candles, tables, picture frames, etc. There are probably tons of things laying around your house that could be spiced up if decorated with guitar picks.

The moral of the story? Don't throw them away. I guarantee you can find a way to use them that will end up being much more productive than trying to figure out a way to recycle a plastic form that is very difficult to recycle.

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