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  • Electronics Puzzles: Vintage Clocks

    Electronics Puzzles: Vintage Clocks

    From CPUs and circuit boards to televisions and iPods, high-tech gadgets are a constant presence in modern life. Now they're appearing in your puzzles, too. Can you put these puzzles together faster than you can upload a new playlist on your iPod? See more »

  • Science Puzzles: Submarine Engine

    Science Puzzles: Submarine Engine

    From beneath the Earth's crust to the farthest reaches of outer space, explore your world as you piece together these science puzzles. See more »

  • Business and Money Puzzles: Euros

    Business and Money Puzzles: Euros

    Thinking about business and money may not always be fun and relaxing, but these puzzles are sure to provide a nice distraction from the stress of your economic woes. How quickly can you piece together these money puzzles? See more »

  • Home Design Puzzles: Modern Dining Room

    Home Design Puzzles: Modern Dining Room

    Piecing together a puzzle can be just as fun as piecing together a room in your house. These home design puzzles fill the best of both worlds! See more »

  • Home and Garden Puzzles: Backyard Pool

    Home and Garden Puzzles: Backyard Pool

    Looking for your next DIY home and garden project? Try these home and garden puzzles and you might find fun and inspiration. See more »

  • Health Puzzles: Medical Records

    Health Puzzles: Medical Records

    Try your hand at these health puzzles that cover a variety of wellness tips, procedures and ailments. Have fun and learn more with health puzzles. See more »

  • Entertainment Puzzles: Baseball

    Entertainment Puzzles: Baseball

    Is a lightsaber your weapon of choice? Perhaps you prefer to spend your time reaching for the skies by pole vaulting? These entertainment-themed puzzles are a whole new way to spend your leisure time. Try them, puzzle prodigy. See more »

  • People & Culture Puzzles: Parisian Cafe

    People & Culture Puzzles: Parisian Cafe

    Remember disco and leisure suits? Ever twirl a Hula-Hoop or fold a paper crane? Fads and traditions like these help to define a culture or era. How quickly can you complete these people and culture puzzles? See more »

  • Geography Puzzles: Giant's Causeway

    Geography Puzzles: Giant's Causeway

    From raging rivers to towering mountains, the smallest countries to the biggest civilizations, explore our world by trying your hand at these geography puzzles. See more »

  • History Puzzles: Arc de Triomphe Spiral Staircase

    History Puzzles: Arc de Triomphe Spiral Staircase

    From ancient civilizations to modern political movements, royals to revolutionaries, explore our past in these history puzzles. See more »

1-10 of 26
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