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Outfielders are generally the biggest bats on the team, and sometimes the biggest players too. Find out who made the Hall of Fame as an outfielder in this section.

Turkey Stearnes

In one season, Turkey Stearnes hit 24 out of the park in just 310 at bats. He went on to win several homerun titles and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. Read about this Baseball Hall of Fame outfielder and see his statistics.

 Babe Ruth

Born in Baltimore in 1895, George Ruth Jr. became one of baseball's greatest players. Learn how Babe Ruth made baseball history at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Cristobal Torriente

Cristobal Torriente was an outfielder who was part of one of the fastest and greatest defensive units of all time. Learn about Cristobal Torriente. See more »

Pete Hill

Pete Hill had the greatest batting season in 1911 by hitting safely in 115 of 116 games. Learn about slugger Pete Hill’s career and statistics. See more »

Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn won eight consecutive batting titles by the time he retired in 2001. Learn about Tony Gwynn’s effective swing and statistics. See more »

Willard Brown

Willard Brown won two Triple Crowns and three batting titles within a four year period. Learn about Willard Brown’s career highlights and statistics. See more »

Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield’s Hall of Fame career is noted for consistency and longevity. Get Winfield's detailed all-star fielding and batting statistics. See more »

Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett won six Gold Gloves and two World Championships with the Minnesota Twins. Learn more about Puckett’s Hall of Fame career statistics. See more »

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson’s power hitting brought World Series rings to the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees. Read about Mr. October’s path to the Hall of Fame. See more »

Duke Snider

Duke Snider was the "king" of the Brooklyn Dodgers who started the week Jackie Robinson did. Learn more about this Hall of Famer and see his stats. See more »

Willie Stargell

Hall of Famer Willie Stargell played with the Pittsburgh Pirates for 21 years. See the stats that won him the NL, NLCS and World Series MVP awards. See more »