The NFL is an acronym for the National Football League. The NFL is the governing body for the league and is responsible for organizing the teams, their games and the business of professional football.
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Sonny Jurgensen was a classic drop-back passer known for his pinpoint passing abilities. Unfortunately, his playing time decreased in his later years due to a defensive-minded coach.

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Bill Willis

Known for his great speed on defense, Bill Willis was one of the two first African-American players in the AAFC. He entered the NFL in 1950 and was elected to three Pro Bowls and annual All-Pro selections. Learn more about his history-making football career.

George Halas

George Halas was a part of the NFL from its inception in 1920 until 1983 when Halas died. He revolutionized offensive schemes with his T-formation. His initials appear on the jerseys of the Chicago Bears. Read about pro football legend George Halas.

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