The NFL is an acronym for the National Football League. The NFL is the governing body for the league and is responsible for organizing the teams, their games and the business of professional football.
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Ernie Nevers was dubbed "the football player without a fault" by Stanford coach Pop Warner. He was gifted at nearly every task on the football field, including running, passing and kicking. Learn more about the 1920s football hero Ernie Nevers.

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Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh, the winningest coach ever for the San Francisco 49ers, knew how to meet his team's needs. He won three Super Bowls and and six NFC West titles. Walsh retired with a record of 102-63-1, the best in 49er history.

Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell was a great defensive player and was inaugurated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983. His career spanned 12 years, and in that time, he amassed 26 interceptions, six of which were returned for touchdowns. Learn about Bobby Bell's achievements.

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