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Movie Industry & Awards

Movie Industry & Awards gives an overview of showbiz and even gives an inside-peek to how to bring home the gold at the Oscars and score big in Cannes.

Paper Animation Explains the Numbers Behind Superhero Movies

Stop-motion animation breaks down the data behind the current glut of Marvel- and DC-inspired films. See more »

Are Big Winter Movies the New Summer Blockbusters?

The wintertime success of "The Force Awakens" prompted studios to shift the next Star Wars film to a holiday release. Will this happen more often? See more »

Who Were Oscar, Tony and Emmy? The Stories Behind Entertainment Award Names

Tony's a guy, right? Was Emmy even a real person? And surprise, the Beard Awards have nothing to do with facial hair. Learn the secrets behind awards' names. See more »

Gimme a Break: State Film Tax Credits May Not Make Financial Sense

Thirty-nine U.S. states offer them as a way to lure movie productions. But many are rethinking their generosity. See more »

Seriously Rotten Tomatoes: Bad Film Reviews and Box Office Sales

In this age where everyone is an online critic, do professional movie reviews still matter? More than you'd think. See more »

What is 'development hell'?

If a movie stalls out in the process of being made, it's said to be in "development hell." What does the term mean, and how does it happen? See more »

Do directors whose movies bomb really wind up in jail?

When a film flops, directors wind up in a kind of prison — but it might not be the type you're thinking. See more »

Why do movie posters look so much alike?

Same colors. Same images. Same poses. Why does Hollywood stick to the tried-and-true for the movie posters adorning your local theater? See more »

Why do some movies go straight to DVD?

Often thought of as the place where bad movies go to die, direct-to-DVD films have become increasingly less about the quality, as Hollywood tries meeting the changing demands of how audiences view movies. See more »

What does ‘below the line’ mean in movie production?

Their names and jobs don't roll through the opening credits, but here's how the crew and services "below the line" affect a movie budget's bottom line. See more »