Movie Industry

Movie Industry & Awards gives an overview of showbiz and even gives an inside-peek to how to bring home the gold at the Oscars and score big in Cannes.

How is sound recorded on motion picture film?

The phrase "optical soundtrack" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it's the secret to how sound is recorded on motion picture film.

5 Times Directors Were Replaced and the Movie Still Crushed It

When Ron Howard took over the new "Star Wars" film, people wondered how often this type of switcheroo happens. Turns out it's a lot — and it doesn't always end badly.

Paper Animation Explains the Numbers Behind Superhero Movies

Stop-motion animation breaks down the data behind the current glut of Marvel- and DC-inspired films.

Are Big Winter Movies the New Summer Blockbusters?

The wintertime success of "The Force Awakens" prompted studios to shift the next Star Wars film to a holiday release. Will this happen more often?

Who Were Oscar, Tony and Emmy? The Stories Behind Entertainment Award Names

Tony's a guy, right? Was Emmy even a real person? And surprise, the Beard Awards have nothing to do with facial hair. Learn the secrets behind awards' names.

Gimme a Break: State Film Tax Credits May Not Make Financial Sense

Thirty-nine U.S. states offer them as a way to lure movie productions. But many are rethinking their generosity.

Seriously Rotten Tomatoes: Bad Film Reviews and Box Office Sales

In this age where everyone is an online critic, do professional movie reviews still matter? More than you'd think.

What is 'development hell'?

If a movie stalls out in the process of being made, it's said to be in "development hell." What does the term mean, and how does it happen?

Do directors whose movies bomb really wind up in jail?

When a film flops, directors wind up in a kind of prison — but it might not be the type you're thinking.

Why do movie posters look so much alike?

Same colors. Same images. Same poses. Why does Hollywood stick to the tried-and-true for the movie posters adorning your local theater?

Why do some movies go straight to DVD?

Often thought of as the place where bad movies go to die, direct-to-DVD films have become increasingly less about the quality, as Hollywood tries meeting the changing demands of how audiences view movies.