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10 Fun Family Night Ideas

Formal Night
Who says you have to go out to get dressed up?
Who says you have to go out to get dressed up?
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Nice restaurants are expensive, but you can still enjoy a special night "out" by recreating a restaurant environment at home. Here's how:

  • Prepare (or buy) a special meal.
  • Set the table with a cloth, nice dishes, candles and a centerpiece.
  • Have everyone dress up.
  • Play some celebratory music.

Formal nights are fun and exciting. Plus, they're a painless way to teach and practice good social manners and etiquette. Be sure to keep the rest of the schedule clear on formal night; this isn't just a meal. Take the time to linger over the food and the atmosphere and enjoy conversations that engage the whole family. Before the evening ends, give each person a chance to share an accomplishment or goal, and raise a toast to everyone's health and good fortune.

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