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How Boggle Works

Gone Digital: Boggle Bash
Those who are more digitally inclined might enjoy an online version of Boggle, known as Boggle Bash.
Those who are more digitally inclined might enjoy an online version of Boggle, known as Boggle Bash.

Boggle may already have its quarter century anniversary in the rearview mirror, but a variety of new versions of the game provide many ways for those not familiar or comfortable with physical board games to play. For instance, there are now Boggle iPhone and iPad versions as well as a special Boggle for Xbox and Playstation [source: Trani].

Another way technology inclined wordsmiths can play is via Boggle Bash on, a gaming Web site which allows people to play games for free after registering, no downloading required. This virtual version of Boggle works in pretty much the same way as real-world Boggle does -- in other words, it has the same rules with the same scoring methodology -- but it uses the Internet as a platform to provide different ways to play.

Visiting the Pogo site and entering a game room allows players to meet up with others who have also come to the site to play. This means that rather than being limited by the number of people who are physically in one place at a time, Boggle Bash allows for multiplayer games in which you simultaneously compete against the other players and also try to attain collective goals [source: Boggle Bash]. For example, a group of players in a Boggle Bash online game room may begin a 3-minute game with the goal of together creating 60 4-letter words.

Another interesting twist in Boggle Bash is the "Panic Flip," a function which scrambles the board of letters in the last minute of a round. This doesn't always happen, but when it does, it allows you to form a host of new words that weren't possible just seconds before, and add those points to your total score for that round.

If you enjoy Boggle in all its forms, you're in good company. As you'll see on the next page, plenty of popular celebrities feel the same way.

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