How to Play Guitar

  • Basic Guitar Chords
  • Chord Transitions
  • Chordal Fills
  • Guitar Lick Steps
How to Play the 12-bar Blues

Today, the 12-bar blues is one of the most basic and essential chord progressions in any guitar player's repertoire. If you are a novice or would just like to freshen up on the basics, this instructional series from iVideosongs offers a great start.

How to Play 4 Guitar Licks

Whether you want to bring down the house with country music, rock or blues, a killer guitar lick will do the trick. Licks are arresting little arrangements of notes and chords that give guitar songs and solos their punch. How do you play one?

Will 'Guitar Hero' really make me a better guitar player?

Musicians may thumb their noses at the skill it takes to strum buttons on a plastic guitar. But some of that "Guitar Hero" dexterity could benefit a novice learning to play the real instrument.

5 Miking Techniques and Tips

Starting a great recording begins with the proper miking techniques for your instruments. But how do microphones work, and what are the best techniques to maximize sound?

How Electric Guitars Work

There aren't too many inventions that have had as much cultural impact as the electric guitar. Its distinctive sound winds its way through most popular music from the past 50 years.

How Acoustic Guitars Work

The acoustic guitar is one of the most successful instruments of all time and also one of the simplest to learn and play. And its ingenious, straightforward design allows for a huge variety of sounds.

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