By: Natalie Cook

Hollywood Green gave viewers a sneak preview into Battleground Earth, where Tommy Lee and Ludacris bust musical moves while making green moves, too. If you're interested in getting your groove back with some green instruments, check out the environmentally friendly tune makers below.

Now that musical instruments can be found in the homes of most Americans, there is a growing concern that the mass production of music making gadgets creates more rubbish than rock hits. Many of our favorite sounds emerge from instruments made from unsustainable materials and ultimately end up in the can when we don't land the big record deal. Fortunately, eco-conscious people have figured out ways to make musical instrument production a greener process. and are two web based companies that specialize in selling percussion instruments made from sustainable materials. These handmade instruments make any musician's jam session an eco-affair. perfected a particularly interesting way to produce the West African djembe drum. Their creation, Biocell, utilizes a natural composite of hemp fiber and chips. The additional benefit to the djembe is that if you happen to drum up some rain, your instrument won?t be ruined since it's impervious to water.

If you can't find your dream instrument at an environmentally focused company, don't fret! There are plenty of ways you can still make your process eco-conscious. First, think about buying a used instrument. You may find a deal while keeping a perfectly good item out of the waste system. Second, look for companies who are making some ecological considerations. Perhaps they are in the process of developing more sustainable technologies. If so, you can feel good about investing in their development. Third, when you finally get the perfect instrument, take good care of it. If your interest in the xylophone peters, you can pass your precious purchase on to some other music lover.