Your Dream Cast for 'Trek Redux

Gabrielle Union as "Uhura" and Mike Myers as "Chekov."

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Cast Kirk, Spock and Co. in the upcoming 'Trek redux!

Word is out that JJ Abrams (creator of "Alias" and "Lost") may direct a brand new "Star Trek" feature film. Following in the footsteps of "Batman Begins" and "Star Wars," this Trek will follow Kirk and Spock early in their careers. Abrams has yet to confirm whether the film will be a prequel to the original series or just concurrent with its timeline.

With no stars currently attached to the project, we wanted to get the zeitgeist going by contributing our staff picks on who should play the "Star Trek: Original Series" characters.

Jennifer's Picks

Kirk: George Eads, "CSI"

Spock: Keanu Reeves, "The Matrix"

Scotty: Sean Connery, "The Rock"

Uhuru: Naomi Campbell, Victoria's Secret model

Chekov: Jack Black, "King Kong"

Sulu: Daniel Dae Kim, "Lost"

John's Picks

Kirk: Johnny Knoxville, "Dukes of Hazzard"

Spock: Adrien Brody, "The Pianist"

Scotty: Robert Carlyle, "Trainspotting"

Uhura: Gabrielle Union, "Bring It On"

Nurse Chapel: Stephanie March, "Law and Order: SVU"

Sulu: Ken Watanabe, "Batman Begins"

Chekov: Mike Myers "Austin Powers"

T'Pau: John Hurt, "V for Vandetta"

Your Dream Cast for 'Trek Redux

Ryan Reynolds as "Kirk" and Eric Balfour as "Spock."

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Katherine's Picks

Kirk: Jack Black, "School of Rock"

Spock: Nicholas Cage, "Vampire’s Kiss"

"Bones" McCoy: Hugh Jackman, "X-Men"

Scotty: Ewan McGregor, "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith"

Sulu: Daniel Dae Kim, "Lost"

Uhura: Regina King, "Enemy of the State"

Chekov: Robert Downey Jr., "Less Than Zero"

Matt's Picks

Kirk: Ryan Reynolds, "Van Wilder"

Spock: Eric Balfour, "Six Feet Under"

"Bones" McCoy: Marshall Allman, "Prison Break"

Scotty: Sam Huntington, "Superman Returns"

Your Dream Cast for 'Trek Redux

Sean Patrick Flannery as "Scotty" and Daniel Dae Kim as "Sulu."

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Uhura: Kerry Washington, Alicia Masters in "Fantastic Four"

Nurse Chapel: Allison Mack, "Smallville"

Sulu: John Cho, "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle"

Chekov: Adam Brody, "The OC"

Tracy's Picks

Kirk: Orlando Bloom, "Lord of the Rings"

Spock: Joaquin Phoenix, "Walk the Line"

Scotty: Sean Patrick Flannery, "Suicide Kings"

Sulu: Daniel Dae Kim, "Lost"

Chekov: Wil Wheaton, "Star Trek: Next Generation," in a special guest cameo

Jen's Picks

Kirk: Chad Michael Murray, "One Tree Hill"

Spock: Wil Wheaton, "Star Trek: Next Generation"

"Bones" McCoy: Samm Levine, "Freaks and Geeks"

Scotty: Billy Boyd, "Lord of the Rings"

Uhura: Beyonce Knowles, "Austin Powers 3"

Your Dream Cast for 'Trek Redux

Chad Michael Murray as "Kirk" and Wil Wheaton as "Spock."

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Don't leave us hanging -- tell us your own. What would your Star Trek cast look like? Click here, or follow the "reader comments" link at the top of this page.