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Defensive Backs

NFL Defensive Backs have a reputation for being mean, hard-hitting guys. And many defensive backs like "Mean" Joe Greene, Dick Butkus and Ronnie Lott were just that.

Jack Ham

Jack Ham was a small linebacker who never expected his career to last for 12 glory-filled years. He retired in 1982 after amassing 32 pass interceptions and 19 fumble recoveries from opponents.

Jack Lambert

Jack Lambert was named All-Pro seven times in a nine-year span and played in nine straight Pro Bowls. Discover more about powerhouse Jack Lambert. See more »

Willie Lanier

Willie Lanier, one of the best middle linebackers to play, was All-Pro, All-AFL, or All-AFC every year from 1968–75. Learn about Willie Lanier. See more »

Ronnie Lott

Ronnie Lott had speed, strength, and a knowledge of the game that set him apart from other defensive backs. See records held by Ronnie Lott. See more »

Joe Greene

Joe Greene went from being unknown to being the most dominating lineman of his time. Read more about the intelligent and friendly "Mean Joe." See more »

Jack Ham

Jack Ham, a small linebacker, didn't think that his career would last, but Ham ended up playing for 12 glory-filled years. Read about Jack Ham. See more »

Ray Nitschke

Ray Nitschke was a ruthless middle linebacker but an all-around nice guy off the field. Learn more about Ray Nitschke, the Green Bay Packers star. See more »

Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes managed 46 interceptions during his career, helping him get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Learn more about the agile Mike Haynes. See more »

Ted Hendricks

Ted Hendricks recovered 16 fumbles and intercepted 26 passes in 15 seasons. Learn more about the "Mad Stork" Ted Hendricks and his amazing career. See more »

Ken Houston

Ken Houston set an NFL record by returning nine interceptions for touchdowns with the Oilers. Discover more about Football Hall of Famer Ken Houston. See more »

Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson was the All-Pro Safety for the St. Louis Cardinals. Learn more about Larry Wilson's life and successful football career. See more »