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5 Extreme Jobs for TV Crews

Have you ever wondered how footage from that storm, war or crazy reality show ended up on film? Well, it turns out that the cameramen often travel -- and suffer -- right along with the hosts of the most extreme shows on television.

Which is more dangerous: crab fishing or filming crab fishing?

Everyone knows crab fishing is one of the deadliest jobs on the planet. But do you ever wonder how the cameramen are faring, while they film all that dangerous work?

10 Terrifying Moments on Unscripted TV

Screenwriters make their money selling scripts rife with action, danger and intrigue. However, there's plenty of drama to be found in everyday life, and we have 10 examples from reality TV to prove it.

Deadly Devotion: Crab Fishing Quiz

Crab fishing has been named both the deadliest occupation in the United States and the "Worst Job with the Best Pay." Indeed, only the bravest fishermen choose to face the icy waters, frequent storms and dark days that are the Alaskan crab season.

What are greenhorns on a crab vessel -- and why are they called that?

They're not green and they don't have horns. But crew members sometimes haze them into biting the head off a dead herring. Who are these novice fishermen?

How are fishing quotas set?

Without fishing quotas, we might reach a day when there's no surf in surf and turf. Overfishing is a huge problem and could lead some fish to extinction. How's fishing regulated?

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