Inside 'Battlestar Galactica'

Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace (Kate Sackhoff) struggles to survive on a desolate planet after her Viper is shot down in combat.

Photo courtesy NBC Universal, Inc.

Will Dirk Benedict Return?

Hatch sees an opportunity for Galactica in the void left by the canceled Farscape, Babylon 5, and the soon-to-be-canceled Star Trek: Enterprise. The built-in Galactica fan base gives it a good head start at building a loyal following. It has already been renewed for season two, and Hatch is slated to return.

Will we see any other original Battlestar cast members, maybe The A-Team's Dirk Benedict? "We've talked about it but it's about finding the right role for them," says Ron Moore. "Tom Zarek is an interesting character that we'd use in the show whether Richard came to play him or not -- he's just an extra bonus. We'll do the same thing if we bring anybody else in."