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Managers in major league baseball all have good players, but the Hall of Fame Managers were able to make good teams great and great teams absolutely sensational.

Walter Alston

Walter Alston managed the Dodgers over two cities and almost two decades. Alston helped to rebuild the Dodgers along the lines of a team that he wanted to manage, emphasizing speed, defense, and pitching. Learn more about this Hall of Fame manager.

J.L. Wilkinson was a pioneer for baseball, from forming the All Nations team to introducing lights for evening games. Learn about J.L. Wilkinson. See more »

Alex Pompez had a career that ranged from his start as a team owner to his service as a Hall of Fame consultant. Discover Alex Pompez’s contributions. See more »

Sol White’s Official Base Ball Guide chronicled the early history of African Americans in the game. Discover Sol White’s contributions to the game. See more »

Manager Tommy Lasorda often said, “I bleed Dodger blue.” Read about Lasorda’s loyal 35-year career and Hall of Fame statistics for wins and titles. See more »

Cum Posey turned the Homestead Grays into one of the greatest teams of all time. Find out how Hall of Fame manager Cum Posey achieved the distinction. See more »

Manager Earl Weaver is known for his legendary run-ins with umpires and all-time winning percentage. Get details on Weaver’s Hall of Fame totals here. See more »

Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson was the first manager to win 600 games in both leagues. Read about Sparky’s World Series runs with the Reds and Tigers. See more »

Walter Alston managed the Dodgers over two cities and almost two decades. Learn more about this Hall of Fame manager, complete with statistics. See more »

Bill McKechnie led the Braves to two consecutive first-division finishes -- 1933 and 1934. Learn about this Hall of Fame Manager. See more »

For 40 years, Al Lopez held the major-league record for most games as a catcher. Read about this Baseball Hall of Fame manager and see his statistics. See more »