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Baseball's Front Office is often overshadowed by the players and managers, but so much goes on behind the scenes to contribute to Hall of Fame teams.

Branch Rickey

The rules of baseball have remained relatively stable throughout this century. Off the field, however, revolutionary changes have taken place, and no man had a greater impact on what happened to baseball than Branch Rickey. His biggest fight was to integrate baseball.

Effa Manley

Effa Manley was the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Discover Effa Manley’s civil rights advocacy and contributions to the game. See more »

Tom Yawkey

Tom Yawkey owned the Boston Red Sox for 44 years. Learn how Yawkey earned the most devoted fans in baseball as well as a spot in the Hall of Fame. See more »

Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey was one of the major forces behind baseball's eventual integration. Learn more about this Hall of Fame owner. See more »

Lee MacPhail

Lee MacPhail managed one of the greatest trades in baseball history. Learn more about Lee MacPhail’s game-changing decisions and negotiations. See more »

Ed Barrow

Ed Barrow developed the Yankees into the greatest dynasty in professional sports history. Learn more about this Baseball Hall of Fame manager. See more »

Larry MacPhail

After Larry MacPhail took over the Brooklyn franchise, the club won its first pennant since 1920. Learn about this Hall of Fame manager. See more »

George Weiss

George Weiss was a talent developer who successfully 'brought up' some of baseball's shining stars. Learn more about this baseball Hall of Famer. See more »

Bill Veeck

Bill Veeck was a team owner who truly cared about the fans. Find out how this Hall of Famer made showmanship into an art form. See more »