Easy DIY Lawn Games You Can Build
kids playing lawn games

Lawn games will keep the kids entertained at the next outdoor party. You can make your own too.

Digital Vision/Thinkstock

You've invited your friends and neighbors to a lawn party, but just as you fire up the grill and put the refreshments on ice, horror strikes.

All around you stretches a freshly mowed green expanse with nary a diversion in sight. Where, oh where, is the entertainment?

Fret not. With handsaw and level in hand, we've uncovered some of the easiest DIY lawn games around. With a few simple-to-find supplies, straightforward instructions and spare moments, you can transform your backyard into your own personal amusement park -- and turn your lawn party into a gathering for the ages.

Better still, these durable and classic lawn games can be used again and again, ensuring built-in fun every time you entertain a crowd.