Claude Monet Paintings 1900-1908

Waterloo Bridge by Claude Monet is an oil on canvas (25-5/8x39-3/8 inches) and is housed at Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane, Ireland.

Waterloo Bridge by Claude Monet

Over the course of his stay in London, Claude Monet transferred his attention from trestles of the Charing Cross Bridge to arches of the Waterloo Bridge, as displayed in the aptly-named painting, Waterloo Bridge (1900).

It was light, however, that was the central focus of his so-called "Londons." In his evocative portrayal of overcast weather in Waterloo Bridge, Monet restricted his palette to a range of blues, modulated with yellow into green, in a dramatic expression of obscured light as rich as any effect of high illumination.

Waterloo Bridge, Gray Day by Claude Monet is another in the series Monet created out of frustration with the weather in London. Go to the next section to see Monet's Waterloo Bridge, Gray Day.

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