Movie Roles of James Dean
6 Movie Roles of James Dean

Icon James Dean is best known for his role in Rebel Without a Cause.

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This Indiana boy lived only 24 years, but his legend as an American icon continues to thrive. He started in show biz in a Pepsi commercial, standing around a jukebox with a group of teens singing "Pepsi-Cola hits the spot." Within a decade, Dean had two Oscar nominations. Sadly, both were posthumous.

In 1955, Dean bought a Porsche Spyder, bragging that it could reach speeds of 150 miles per hour. Upon hearing this, actor Alec Guinness told him not to set foot inside the car because he would be dead before the week was out. Six days later, Dean's body was pulled from the twisted wreckage of his new car on a stretch of California highway. Dean's career was cut short, but his legacy lives on in the movies he left behind.