Super Bowl Trivia
Couples sit on the couch during a football party.

Crank up the competitive spirit with some Super Bowl trivia.


If some of your guests are serious football devotees -- or at least claim to be -- put them to the test with some Super Bowl trivia. This is a game for hardcore football fans. At halftime or before the game, quiz your guests on Super Bowl factoids. The questions can be simple (Who won last year's Super Bowl?), intermediate (Which team has the most titles?) and difficult (Which teams have never been to the Super Bowl?).

Be sure to keep score. The person with the most correct answers is your Super Bowl trivia winner. For this Super Bowl scholar, a special honor is deserved. The perfect prize might include a team sweatshirt or the John Madden video game -- sure to please any football fanatic.

Now that you have your Super Bowl party games planned out, learn lots more about other football facts and the Super Bowl in the next section.