Pre-Game Pick-up
Two couples cheer their teams while watching TV.

On Super Bowl Sunday, everybody wants to get in on the action. Grab a ball and head to the backyard for a quick pickup game.


During the big game, you might have a lot of armchair quarterbacks in your midst, but before the game, you can all be players. If you're planning to have a Super Bowl party, invite your guests over to your house a little earlier in the day and arrange a friendly game of touch football.

Having a pre-game gridiron showdown of your own will help get partygoers in a football state of mind (as if they need it), and it will also help them burn off a few calories before they indulge in the not-so-healthy football fare later on. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the chance to be amateur football players for an hour. And those who don't want to join in can cheer the others from the sidelines.

If you're planning on having your guests stay to watch the Super Bowl later on, you might want to remind them to bring a change of clothes and shoes.

The next Super Bowl party game on our list is more mental than physical.