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1949 Baseball Season

1949 Baseball Season Highlights

The 1949 baseball season saw a number of firsts such as the first $100,000 contract in major league history and the first appearance of black players in an All-Star Game. Below, you will find the highlights from the 1949 baseball season:

  • The Dodgers edge the Cards by 1 game in National League.

    Casey Stengel’s triumph was the first time a club of his finished in the first division.
    Casey Stengel’s nickname
    was the "Old Perfessor."

  • The Red Sox lose second American League flag in row by 1 game when they lose last two games of season to Yankees.
  • The Yankees win the 1949 World Series in five games.
  • Yankee Tommy Henrich homers in the bottom of the ninth of game one of the 1949 World Series, winning the game 1-0.
  • The Dodgers win game two of the Series 1-0 on a Preacher Roe shutout.
  • No one in the 1949 World Series collects more than six hits.
  • Williams tops the American League in homers (43), ties for lead in RBI (159).
  • Williams loses the 1949 Triple Crown when he finishes a fraction behind Detroit's George Kell in batting, as both hit .343.
  • Williams tops the American League in runs (150), doubles (39), total bases (368), SA (.650), OBP (.490), and walks (162).
  • Jackie Robinson tops the National League in hitting (.342) and steals (37).
  • Mel Parnell of the Red Sox tops the majors with 25 wins.
  • Parnell leads the American League in innings (295) and CGs (27).
  • Ellis Kinder of Boston wins 23, giving the club 48 wins by top tandem, easily the best in the majors.
  • Ralph Kiner wins his fourth consecutive National League homer crown with 54, threatening the National League record.
  • Ted Williams is the last major league player until 1999 to produce 250 or more runs in a season.
  • Boston's Vern Stephens ties Ted Williams for the American League RBI lead with 159, a major league record for shortstops.
  • New York Yankee Joe Page sets a new major league record with 27 saves.
  • Dale Mitchell of Cleveland hits 23 triples, the most by any player since 1930.
  • The American League wins a wild All-Star Game 11-7 at Brooklyn.
  • This marks the first appearance of black players in an All-Star Game.
  • Joe DiMaggio signs the first $100,000 contract in major league history.
  • The Browns use nine different pitchers, one in each inning, in the season finale vs. White Sox.
  • Bob Lemon's seven homers tie the American League record for most homers by a pitcher during a 154-game schedule.
  • The A's perform a major league record 217 double plays.
  • New York's Dave Koslo tops the National League in ERA (2.50) and is the first leader without a shutout.

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