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Say it Ain't So, Joe: 10 Infamous Sports Cheating Scandals

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10 Worst Calls in Sports History

10 Worst Calls in Sports History

Referees and umpires make mistakes. But why do they always make them against our team? Here are 10 of the worst calls in sports history.

Author's Note: 10 Infamous Sports Cheating Scandals

The scandal that spoke to me the most while researching this article was definitely Rosie Ruiz cheating at the Boston Marathon in 1980. I'm a runner, too, and in 2011, my running partner and I went through marathon training. He was getting ready for the Chicago Marathon, and I was training along, just to see how far I could make it.

The training program we followed culminates in a 20 mile run, and doing that distance is one of the hardest things that I've ever done. There were moments that I wanted to just quit and go home, moments where I felt like I could run forever, and other moments where it felt like I wasn't even there -- I was just watching someone run. Hopping on a bus would have been pretty tempting at around mile 17. I barely remember the last 3 miles; there were moments where I would realize that I'd started walking and not remember deciding to slow down.

Training for a marathon is more than a physical push -- it's very emotional. I can't imagine how the other runners in Boston must have felt in 1980 after all of that training when they discovered that a fellow runner had cheated like that.

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