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  • 10 Bizarre Circus Sideshows

    10 Bizarre Circus Sideshows

    We're a lot more respectful of disabilities and medical conditions nowadays, but once upon a time they were much more widely exploited for entertainment and profit. Check out these 10 bizarre circus sideshows!

  • How Film Restoration Works

    How Film Restoration Works

    Film doesn't last forever – particularly if it was used before 1950. What causes it to break down, and how do restorers put it back together?

  • What does a key grip do?

    What does a key grip do?

    A well-run crew of grips can make the difference between a movie production that comes in on schedule and under budget and one that doesn't. How do you make it to the top of the heap?

  • Why is scary music scary?

    Why is scary music scary?

    You know it when you hear it: shrieking noises, dissonant chords, unexpected high notes. It's the music that scares you. But is there something about our biology that makes us fearful of certain sounds?

  • 10 Bizarre Circus Sideshows
  • How Film Restoration Works
  • What does a key grip do?
  • Why is scary music scary?
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