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  • How Rotoscoping Works

    How Rotoscoping Works

    If you loved the glowing lightsabers in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, you can thank rotoscoping. Who invented this technology, and is it still useful?

  • What does a stand-in do?

    What does a stand-in do?

    A movie star isn't going to spend hours on a set so the crew can adjust the lighting — but someone's got to do it. That's what a stand-in is for. Find out how to pretend to be Jennifer Aniston for a day.

  • 10 Famous People in Unmarked Graves

    10 Famous People Buried in Unmarked Graves

    An unmarked grave isn't always a sign of poverty. It's sometimes intentional, or just an oversight. Here are 10 surprising graves that are (or were) unmarked.

  • How does the NFL salary cap work?

    How does the NFL salary cap work?

    With the recent NFL draft, players are now negotiating contracts. Learn how the NFL's salary cap works and how teams work under the salary cap with trades, signing bonuses, and other financial maneuvering.

  • How Rotoscoping Works
  • What does a stand-in do?
  • 10 Famous People in Unmarked Graves
  • How does the NFL salary cap work?
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